Give them a chance at Life – Rohingya Newborns

According to Save the Children, about 130 live births are expected each day across 2018, with newborns facing malnutrition and the risk of diseases such as diphtheria, cholera, and measles.

“The disadvantage these newborn Rohingya babies will face, by virtue of the situation they are born into, is truly heartbreaking,” said Rachael Cummings, a health adviser in

Cox’s Bazar for Save the Children.

Your prompt action is needed to address this humanitarian crisis.

“From the very beginning, they will battle odds stacked against them, living in an overcrowded environment where everyone is desperate for help. In the overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh more than 900,000 Rohingya have sought shelter — many having watched their homes burned, children mutilated and family members shot — the mass rapes have produced untold numbers of unwanted pregnancies and confronted victims with the survival of their newborns.

Rape with impunity has been characteristic of the attack on Rohingya women and girls for years,” said Matthew Smith, co-founder of Fortify Rights, an advocacy group that has extensively studied Myanmar.

“Soldiers used rape as a tool in a larger attack aimed at destroying at least part of the Rohingya population. In legal terms, we’re in the landscape of genocide.

” From August through April, Doctors Without Borders counseled or treated 377 survivors of sexual violence — including girls as young as 7 — at its hospitals and health posts across the camps. The group believes this is a fraction of the total number of victims.

Adding to these problems is the imminent monsoon season, which typically begins by May, bringing heavy rains that could douse the ramshackle camps and turn the precariously built homes and footpaths into a disaster zone.

Please give these newborns a chance at life, please give generously.

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